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To Our Smuggler's Cove Family:

I wanted to take a moment to speak on a few things here and give you some updates.

First, we hope that you are all being as safe as you can be during these times that we are facing right now. Obviously, this is one of the most trying times any of us have likely seen. As many of us face different challenges I wanted to encourage that we all take a deep breath and be thankful for the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. Whether that be within the same house, time now spent over a phone, or using the wonders of technology today for video chat. I also want to take a moment to say if you happen to know someone that is sick or alone do what you can within your power to help them in any way. Our deepest and sincere condolences to anyone that has lost someone. While it may be blurred to see good, the good out of this is that it seems as if there is a lot unity of that going around. As we have all seen the message "We're in this together", and indeed we are.

Onto Smuggler's Cove news and updates:

Many have been asking, inquiring, or wondering when Smuggler's Cove may be ready again for business. I originally had anticipated re-opening on Monday, April 6th. I was excited to again see all of our staff and guests. Due to recent news that date need to be pushed back for what seems to be weeks, if not longer.

For that reason I have now decided in order to hopefully help out some in the community and still be of service to this great community that we all live in, that I would need to partner with GRUBHUB so we can start offering a limited menu. We will have this menu available for Curbside Pickup here at Smuggler's Cove as well as Delivery! We are also offering Free Delivery. You will be able to order by clicking the GRUB HUB Link on our website which will take you to our Grub Hub Menu page, or by calling your order in 570-629-2277. We have decided to give a $7.00 discount regardless of what method you order or regardless if you choose pickup or delivery. Please understand we had to limit some items that we offer on our menu at this time due to us only being opened for Pickup or Delivery. It is very important to us that we continue to serve great Fresh Food. We hope the next move is to start bringing our staff back to regular levels as quickly as possible. We understand that this is indeed a complicated time and hopefully soon we can get back to our normal operations.

We thank you for taking the time to read this and we will in the coming day be providing a link so you can view our menu.

Thank you and stay safe!

-Sarajian Family


To Our Valued Customers:

We want to let you all know that we are still working hard and brainstorming behind the scenes for you to have the availability of having a fresh meal from Smugglers Cove from the comforts of your home. We thank you for your continued patience and support throughout this process. We hope to re-open at Smugglers Cove for delivery and take out on Friday March 27th, or earlier if possible.

1. Here at Smugglers Cove we have zero interest in opening our delivery and take out services until we feel comfortable that when we do, we can do it safely and without compromising the quality of food we are serving.

2. Please keep in mind that many of the items we serve are ultra-fresh and are in a LIVE OR FRESH state (caught that day or the day before). For FRESH items, want to serve them ultra-fresh, which means they need to be served within two or three days from the day they were delivered to us. For LIVE items, they need to be served within one or two days maximum in order to meet the freshness and quality standards we have in place. We want to maintain our freshness and quality always, no matter what is going on.

3. Our restaurant menus are quite extensive, with many items that need to be served within a very short time frame to maintain the flavor and texture we intend, and you desire. We also have some very popular menu items that are just the opposite and require a longer time frame, like our prime rib, which is slow cooked overnight. In order to maintain the flavor and texture of these items, and keep them up to your and our standards, we must keep our current system in place. So, with everything that is going on, we now are faced with new challenges as we suddenly must change the amount of these items that we may need to cook for each day or overnight. We also have to factor in that our customers may need more or less of specific items each day, due to that our ordering process cannot remain the same.

As we are adapting, we are also trying to avoid a massive loss of food or big disruptions in the quality of food we desire to serve. This is not something that insurance companies see as a problem, even if we start seeing food massive losses of food that are wasted due to needing to maintain the quality of products.

We have ZERO interest in opening up for delivery and take out services to just sell food that is not 100% up to our standards, in times like this it is important we check and double check our food before it goes out our doors, no matter what it takes.
Please bear with us while we make the changes we need, and we will be open again very soon.

We also want to encourage you all to continue the support that you have given to us to others too (from a safe distance of course). This is an area that many of us have never experienced before, and by continually showcasing generosity and compassion will go a long way. We will keep you updated as progress is made. Please stay safe.

-The Sarajian Family

Due to the most recent announcement from Governor Wolf today, Smugglers Cove & The Original Baileys Steakhouse will be ceasing all operations until further notice. Due to the type of food we serve and the complexity and size of our menus, this includes all Dine In, Carryout and Delivery Services.

We are working diligently on bringing back a limited menu for Carry Out & Delivery Services as soon as possible. Please be sure to check our website, social media channels or email for any updates pertaining to this. We want to ensure the availability of our staff as well as the fresh food options that are available to us. We anticipate having more on this in the coming day(s). We thank our suppliers of Fresh Food during this time. We also thank you all for your continued understanding and patience throughout this process as it continues to remain fluid. We will be sure to be responsive and transparent and relay it to you as we find out information as it comes to us.

As we stated earlier our suppliers and staff are amongst one of our top priorities. We are working on initiatives to help protect our dedicated staff members and their financial concerns that will arise during this challenging period. We will be continuing to help them through this process.

Please remember that we are still operating our Vocelli Pizza Tannersville location for delivery and carry out (Curbside) service at regular business hours. You may order at or by calling 570-620-9055.

We will continue to work as hard as possible for a target date to be fully re-opened on / before March 30th. We are working very hard right now to reopen our carry out and delivery options much sooner than that as things progress. Again, we deeply thank you all for your trust and continued support in our business. May you stay safe!

-Sarajian Family


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